My name is Pastor Marty and I have the honor and privilege of serving as the Lead Pastor of Celebration UMC.  I want to thank you for calling Celebration home and for joining with us on the great mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  Excitement fills my heart as I think about getting to know you through fellowship, service, and community.  I am blessed to be on this journey of life with you and I am excited to hear your story of Jesus transforming your life. My story begins about fifteen miles east of Brandon in Hills, MN.  I grew up in the Lutheran Church where I attended Sunday School and confirmation.  After confirmation, I took a hiatus from the church until my senior year of college.  I was introduced to Jesus by a man who showed me the love of Christ at one of my most difficult seasons of life.  This man took me into his home, introduced me to a relationship with Jesus, and mentored me in my walk with Jesus simply because he was living out his calling to make disciples for Christ.  It is because of this man that I am a Christ follower, a husband, a father, and a pastor today. Following college, I became active in my church and started a youth group where I eventually became a part-time youth pastor.  Also at this time, I became a part of a ministry called Young Life where the mission was to introduce kids to Christ and help them grow in their faith.  After a season of being on staff at both the church and Young Life, I was awarded the opportunity to become the Area Director of Sioux Falls Young Life.  As Area Director, my responsibilities included spiritual development, financial development, leadership development, direct ministry, and administrative tasks for the mission of Young Life.  My years of leadership with Young Life prepared me for the next step in my journey of becoming a pastor in the United Methodist Church.  For three years, I was the pastor at Unite Church in Salem, SD where we saw dramatic growth both numerically and spiritually.  It was in July of 2019 when my family and I accepted the call to Celebration UMC. Family is a vital part of my life and I am extremely thankful and blessed to have support and encouragement from them.  I have an amazing wife (Jessica), and three beautiful children (Garpan, Deizion, and Berklee). Jessica is musically gifted and has been a Worship Director for the past five years and has been involved in worship for the past twelve years. She loves to teach piano lessons, cook, camp, and be a mom. Garpan is energetic and loves anything sports.  Deizion is tender-hearted and loves coloring. Berklee is fun, outgoing, and loves everything about music.  My wife and I are excited for you to get to know our crazy family! I know each of us has our own family and our own story.  My hope is that each of us will share our stories with each other and develop a community that becomes a family.  As a family, we will go and tell the world about Jesus through our words and deeds.  Thank you for allowing me to lead you in this journey and for the pleasure of serving you in your walk with Jesus.  Excited to make lasting memories with each of you.   Blessings Pastor Marty