Celebration United Methodist Church started with twenty interested people on Sunday, September 19, 1999, meeting in the back room of the Pizza Ranch restaurant in Brandon. Many were attending a Methodist Church in the area and had prayed for a church to attend right at home. The meeting was arranged by Becky Mohr and Marge Hauser and led by Howard Grinager, District Superintendent and Gary Rae, Pastor of Hilltop UMC in Sioux Falls. All four people thought if five others showed up at this meeting this would be a success. Soon a leadership group was formed. This group planned weekly meetings, started a youth group, a Bible study group (which still meets today), craft group, and an advertising group. They visited with Administrative Councils of area Methodist churches, sent out the first newsletter, wrote a mission statement and planned the first service. Much of this was done before Mike Coyner, Bishop of the Dakotas Conference, knew that the first meeting had occurred. He discovered that a church was forming when he received the first newsletter that was titled “Brandon United Methodist Church.”